Energy Seal Plus

There are many ways that dirt, debris and the elements can get into your facility. When you’re running a business that relies on climate control and high sanitation levels, sealing those gaps is of critical importance. That’s where Blue Giant Solutions can help.

Blue Giant Energy Seal Plus protects your product, keeps your personnel comfortable, and preserves your energy-saving initiatives.

  • Minimizes energy loss by sealing the gaps between your dock leveler and the pit walls
  • Superior perimetre seal at the back and sides of all pit-style dock levelers
  • Restricts debris entry and preserve internal temperatures
  • Durable vinyl material blocks drafts in all weather conditions
  • Custom sizes available

Save thousands of dollars in energy costs per year and get a complete ROI in as little as three months. Blue Giant Energy Seal Plus guards the integrity of your dock environment all year round.


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