Protective Systems

Keep safety levels high with Blue Giant Protective System dock products. Our expanding portfolio of protective equipment keeps your loading dock safe from impact damage and related issues that can compromise a busy loading bay.
  • Bumpers

    Protect your building walls and the trailers that back into your loading bay with Blue Giant Sentinel Series dock bumpers. These bumpers come in various sizes and shapes to suit your loading dock.

    Available models:
    • Steel-Faced
    • Laminated
    • Molded
  • Bollard Guards

    Blue Giant Bollard Guards help protect loading dock vehicles from impacting bollards, posts and poles. 
  • Door Track Guards

    Blue Giant Door Track Guards can minimize door damage, reducing maintenance costs and preserving building integrity.
  • Folding Security Gates

    Protect your loading bay doors and other restricted areas with Blue Giant Folding Security Gates.
  • Reflective Guides

    Blue Giant Reflective Guides enable safe and accurate trailer positioning.