Protect your building walls and the trailers that back into your loading bay with the innovative Blue Giant Sentinel Series Steel-Faced, Laminated or Molded bumpers. Each model is available in different shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit your application requirements.
  • Installation Solutions

    Blue Giant offers customized solutions that enable a more effective bumper installation.
  • Steel-Faced Laminated Bumpers

    Blue Giant Sentinel Series Steel-Faced Laminated dock bumpers present a superior bumper solution. The strategically designed face plate offers 5/8" (16mm) of free-floating protection and resists wear and tear due to vehicle movement.
  • Laminated Rubber Bumpers

    Blue Giant Sentinel Series Laminated Rubber bumpers provide first-class protection against damage to the loading dock area, building wall, and incoming trucks.
  • Molded Rubber Bumpers

    Blue Giant Sentinel Series Molded Rubber dock bumpers protect the loading dock, building wall, and incoming trucks from impact damage. Ideal for lower-intensity applications.