Touch Controls

Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panels are offered in a variety of configurations:

  • Standalone dock levelers and vehicle restraints
  • Loading dock and vehicle restraint combinations
  • Overhead door and loading dock and / or vehicle restraint combinations

The customizable component integration of the Blue Genius™ sets the standards for future dock control technology.

  • Standalone Control Stations

    The SP1 control station operates a standalone, pit-style hydraulic or airbag dock leveler.
    The SP2 advanced single push-button control station operates pit-style hydraulic and airbag dock levelers. Available with autopark option (for hydraulic docks only).
    The Blue Genius™ Gold Series I controls powered dock levelers, and is available with either sequential or independent lip control.
    The Blue Genius™ Gold Series II controls powered vehicle restraints.
  • Blue Genius™ Gold Series

    The Blue Genius Gold Series I, II, and III feature a user-friendly, LCD screen that provides real time, easily understood instructions for operation, maintenance and diagnostics as well as supervisory keypad lockout and override function.
  • Blue Genius™ Master Control Stations

    The Blue Genius™ Master Control Panel operates various combinations of loading dock equipment. A single control panel integrates all required functions, enabling the safe and simplified operation of any dock system from one central location.