From entire dock safety systems to Aftermarket accessories, Blue Giant Solutions sells loading dock equipment that can make facilities safer, more efficient and therefore more productive.

  • Powered vehicle restraints secure a trailer ICC bar at the touch of a button, unlike wheel chocks, which can take time to position correctly. By lowering the risk of downtime due to accident or injury, restraints make a positive contribution to loading dock productivity.
  • Hydraulic or air-powered dock levelers do not require manual activation, so loading and unloading can begin sooner. For added efficiency, these high-performing units can be operated with a Blue Genius™ Gold Series I, which enables independent lip control.
  • The Blue Genius™ Platinum Series Master Control Panel (MCP) operates an entire loading dock system from one convenient location, improving productivity and safety while reducing electrical costs and optimizing wall space.  The MCP features interior and exterior traffic lights that communicate safety conditions to the truck driver and dock personnel simultaneously, minimizing accident risk.
  • Dock lights improve productivity by illuminating the interior of a darkened trailer. Cargo can be loaded and unloaded more quickly, allowing the loading dock to accommodate the next trailer sooner.
By emphasizing productivity at all times, Blue Giant Solutions can help your business cut costs and enjoy significant gains.