Safety and Lighting

Busy loading docks are high-activity areas. To keep productivity levels high and reduce the risk of worker injury or cargo damage, Blue Giant Solutions offers safety and lighting solutions. 

  • Dock Lighting

    Blue Giant LED dock lights are durable, long-lasting, and keep loading dock area and trailer interiors well-lit.

    Available models:

    • LED Loading Dock Light
    • Gooseneck Loading Dock Light
    • HD Series Loading Dock Light
    • Dock Light Fan


  • Lights Communication Packages

    Blue Giant TLC24 lights communication packages can be interlocked with dock lips, mechanical vehicle restraints, and overhead doors.

    Available models:

    • TLC24-A (automatic operation)
    • TLC24-M (manual operation)


  • Traffic Lights

    Blue Giant LED traffic lights enable loading dock safety and present an excellent alternative to incandescent light systems.

    Available models:

    • Slim profile blue LED lights
    • Yellow polypropylene traffic lights


  • Wheel Chocks

    Blue Giant wheel chocks provide added security at the loading dock, helping to prevent accidental truck separation during loading and unloading.

    Available models:

    • Laminated
    • Molded
    • Chock kits
  • More

    Blue Giant has an assortment of additional safety and lighting products.

    • Speed bumps
    • Ratchet-riser trailer stands