PVC Strip Curtains

Make your facility safer, quieter, and more energy-efficient by protecting your entryways with Blue Giant PVC strip curtains and doors. In addition to providing excellent climate control, they improve worker comfort and represent an economic alternative to high-cost noise control materials.

Benefits of using PVC Strip Curtains and Doors:

  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Conserve conditioned air, even in high-activity areas
  • Reduce heating and refrigeration costs
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Easy to clean and maintain

product details

  • Manufactured from completely virgin compounds
  • Tested and certified to meet all relevant federal and international standards and regulations
  • Available in widths from 4" (102mm) to 86" (2184mm), thicknesses from .060" (1.5mm) to .394" (10mm)

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  • Industrial storage and cargo handling
  • Food storage and service
  • Climate-controlled facilities


  • Refrigerated truck strip doors
  • Anti-insect yellow PVC strips
  • Mesh insect curtains


  • QuickMount® MD mounting system (for use with pedestrian applications less than 12' / 3658mm in height)
  • QuickMount® HD mounting system (for use with motorized applications over than 12' / 3658mm in height)
  • Full-length bulk PVC rolls
  • PVC replacement strips
  • Prefabricated PVC rolls

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