In today’s fast-paced material handling environment, truck and trailer loading and unloading can present a safety risk to everyone in the vicinity, from dock attendants to visitors. That’s why Blue Giant Solutions is committed to providing equipment, strategies, and guidance that keep your workers safe on the job.

We help you comply with government regulations

OHSA, Regulation 851 – Industrial Establishments requires all of your lifting devices to be inspected at least once a year. Blue Giant Solutions offers regular inspections and maintenance as part of our Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP). After each visit we provide you with a written inspection record that helps you comply with Ontario government regulations.

Loading dock safety issues we address

  • Premature truck departure: One common loading dock mishap occurs when truck drivers pull away or the trailer gradually moves from the dock due to forklift momentum. Our vehicle restraints secure the trailer firmly in place, preventing forklift roll-off and worker injury.
  • Miscommunication between truck drivers and dock staff: Our vehicle restraints are operated by the Blue Genius Touch Control Panel, which comes with an interior and exterior lights communication system that clearly communicates the status of the restraint (locked / unlocked). Once the restraint is safely engaged, the control panel light automatically changes from red to green to indicate that loading and unloading can begin. The light outside changes to red, signaling to the truck driver to remain in place.
  • Slips and falls: Water and ice build-up on the loading dock platform presents a serious slip and fall hazard. Blue Giant Solutions has a range of seals and shelters that act as weather barriers, keeping the dock area dry and safe.
  • The drop zone: The XDS (Extra Dock Safety Series) has a Door and Dock Guard (DDG) that protects forklifts from dangers of the drop zone when the overhead door is open and no truck is at the loading bay. When doors are closed, the DDG also protects its panels from impact damage.
  • Overhead doors: Blue Giant Solutions can add photo electric sensors, pneumatic safety edges,and other continuously monitoring safety devices to overhead doors. These devices reverse the door on contact, reducing risk of injury and cargo damage. Vision lites are also available increase visibility through the door.
Let us work with you to identify and correct both existing and potential safety concerns and resolve issues before they happen, keeping your workers safe and facility compliant with government mandates.