Seals and Shelters

Blue Giant Dock Seals and Shelters improve energy conservation, help preserve internal temperatures and protect products from outside contaminants.

Which dock seal or shelter is best suited to your loading dock? Dock applications, site criteria and facility operations vary and may require one feature more than the others. Many configurations are available from basic types of compression dock seals, standard dock shelters, inflatable seals to hybrid dock seal / shelter /inflatable designs. To narrow down your options and determine the model that matches your application needs, download the Blue Giant Seal and Shelter Questionnaire.

  • Compression Seals

    Compression seals create an energy-efficient barrier around a trailer’s top and sides. 

    • Fixed head pad
    • Head curtain
    • Adjustable head pad
    • Adjustable head curtain
  • Inflatables

    The Blue Giant Elite line of Inflatable dock seals and shelters present a versatile form of loading dock protection, with an ability to service the widest variety of trucks and trailers.

    • Adjustable inflatable
    • Stationary inflatable
    • Air frame inflatable
  • Shelters

    Blue Giant Dock Shelters support full-trailer access while maintaining a secure seal across the top and sides.

    • Foam frame
    • Stationary
    • Retractable
  • Rain Shroud

    Economical and high performance, the Rain Shroud keeps rain water out of the loading dock area.
  • Metal Canopies

    Protect the loading bay and exterior doorways from snow, ice, and rain. Blue Giant rust-proof metal canopies will have your building entrances covered in all weather conditions.