Allow the professionals at Blue Giant Solutions help to determine the best parts and accessories for your dock equipment and facility.

To better serve our customers, Blue Giant Solutions inventories a large amount of genuine Blue Giant OEM parts and aftermarket accessories.

  • Safety and Lighting

    The Blue Giant Aftermarket portfolio includes a variety of safety and lighting components. Everything you need to keep your loading dock area well-lit and protected, including:
    • LED dock lights
    • Light communication packages
    • Traffic lights
    • Wheel chocks
  • Energy-Saving Solutions

    Seal all gaps that could result in debris entry and potential energy loss. Keep cleanliness levels high and operating expenses low.
    • Weather seals
    • Roller curtains
    • Draft pads
    • Leveler seal wedges
  • Protective Systems

    Reduce the risk of costly equipment damage. Blue Giant protective systems keep your loading dock operating at peak efficiency. Product line includes:
    • Molded, laminated, and steel-faced bumpers
    • Door track guards
    • Bollard guards
    • Folding security gates
    • Door barrier gates
  • Upgrade Opportunities

    Don't replace your mechanical dock leveler: upgrade it. Blue Giant conversion kits can turn your dock leveler into a high-performance hydraulic unit or improve the hold-down system to ensure instant hold at any point in the dock leveler's working range.
    • Universal hydraulic conversion kit
    • Mechanical hold-down conversion kits (ratchet and disk brake styles)
  • Warehouse Solutions

    Expand the functionality and security of your facility. Blue Giant warehouse solutions offer means of climate control, restrict building access, and keep pests and debris out.

    • Bug screen doors
    • Air curtains
    • PVC strip doors
  • Overhead Door Accessories

    Keep your loading dock and warehouse doorways safe and fortified with Blue Giant overhead door accessories.

    • Metal canopies
    • Seal and shelter repair kits